Seller Registration Policy

India's top online marketplace is TooFav. Sell your goods online on TooFav, whether you are a manufacturer, seller, or supplier, and you may quickly rise to the top of the e-commerce industry with no investment. TooFav focuses on enabling sellers across India by providing special seller workshops, training, and support through a team of experts.

Selling is simple and cost-free on with us. Simply register, offer your catalogue, and begin selling your goods.

What else? Our third-party "Ecommerce Service Providers" offer logistics support, cataloguing assistance, product photography, and packaging supplies. With our fulfillment services, you can count on quicker delivery of your purchases, expert quality inspection, and attractive packaging. You obtain a great seller portal when you combine these with the fastest payments in the market.

Need More Information For Selling On TooFav?

Be a registered seller on TooFav in 3 simple steps:

1.     Register as a TooFav seller

2.     Requirements to sell your products

·        Create an account

All you need is:


Bank account

·        List your products

List the products you wish to sell in the supplier panel.

·        Get orders

Get active orders from a diverse audience on our shopping platform.

·        Low cost shipping

After getting an order, these will be shipped at the market’s rate.

·        Get timely payments

The payments made will be directly sent to your registered bank accounts by following a 7 day payment cycle from the date of delivery.

·        Grow your business with us

You will have access to a variety of tools and services (both paid and free) to support the expansion of your business once you sign up as an seller.

Here's how TooFav can promote your development:

You receive the Prime Badge if you decide to sell through Local Shops by TooFav or choose Fulfillment by TooFav to deliver your products to customers.

You may boost your chances of winning the Offer Display by using our Automated Pricing tool to define rules and automatically alter the prices of your products.

You may find out more about your consumers by using our Voice of Customers Dashboard.

·        24*7 Support with a click

We will always be there for you as a TooFav vendor. We will respond to your inquiries. We can assist if you're looking to outsource services to a qualified service provider. We can also support you if you just want to learn on your own. 

Why sell on TooFav?

·        Reach crores

Reach crores of customers with the help of our website, TooFav, India’s most searched and accessible shopping destination. Further, you can expand you selling idea globally to make bigger profits.

·        Delivery to all Indian Pincodes

The products are 100% deliverable to Indian pincodes through TooFav’s easy shipment and fulfillment policy.

·        Easy return and exchange policy

We support the best exchange policy for products that do not match customers’ need.

Benefits of selling on TooFav

Being a registered seller on TooFav, India’s most visited shopping website your array of products is available to the global audience 24x7. More than 7 lakh businesses irrespective of their sizes sell on TooFav today. Thus, the host of benefits for you, the seller is:

·        Regular secure payments

Funds are safely deposited directly to your bank account, even for Pay on Delivery orders, every 7 days. 

·        Stress-free orders shipment

Let us take care of the shipment and delivering of your products to the doorsteps that have made the order. Additionally, we will take care of the returns, if necessary.

·        Service at each step

We will assist you at every step from third-parties to take professional photographs to managing your account and much more as per your demand.

·        Get noticed

Find new customers with targeted ads and pay only when customers click.

·        Sell to worldwide customers

Sign up for TooFav Selling & reach customers in upto 200+ countries.

·        0% Commission fee

Suppliers selling on TooFav keep 100% of their profit by not paying any commission.

·        No order cancellation charges

Orders that you can't fulfill due to unforeseen circumstances can be cancelled without fear of fines.